In-depth interviews is the best method to obtain qualitative feedback from key customers and stakeholders. The conversation between Interviewer and respondent is aimed to dig in deep insights, perspective of the respondent about a particular situation, idea or issue. Below are the benefit of conducting IDI:

  • Highlight individual concerns that may not arise in a group situation.
  • Obtain divergent experiences and specific attitudes. Groups often do not allow us to see that experiences may vary person to person.
  • Provide a history of behavior. When conducted more than once or when conducted with someone who has been in the community for a long time, interviews can show if any change has occurred over time.
  • Create a shortcut to community norms. Interviewing key community leaders (officers, managers, department head, priority customers, etc) can give a fast overview of a community and its needs and concerns.
  • As a tool to develop further research program. Results from an interview can be used to generate focus group questions or design checklist for further survey.

We use professional interviewer who digitally records each session that usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. Clients obtain detailed transcripts of the interviews as well as a summary report with recommendations.

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