Established in 2007, Morrigan is growing into a leading one-stop market research and customer experience consulting in Indonesia. We offer comprehensive services for Retail, Banking, Telecommunication, F&B, FMCG, Health & Beauty, Automotive, Hospitality Industry and other several industries.Our goals are specific to assist our clients to achieve the level they desire in every aspects.

At market research, we serve for Indonesia nationwide coverage with extensive resources. We provide both qualitative and quantitative research with following details:

  1. Quantitative Research
    • Customer Satisfaction & Engagement Survey
    • Usage, Behaviour & Expectation Study
    • Perception & Brand Research
  2. Qualitative Research
    • Mystery Shopping
    • In Depth Interview (IDI)
    • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  3. Customised Research
  4. Retail Audit

Our highly qualified and specialist team is committed to help our clients, no matter how diverse or challenging. By becoming a member of well-known international association such as ESOMAR and Mystery Shopper Provider Association (MSPA), we are committed to provide world-class services in every aspect of our products.

To complete our services, we also build consulting division to provide holistic management system and training. At management consulting we provide services with following details:

  1. Business Process Mapping
  2. Performance Excellence Consulting
  3. Balanced Scorecard
  4. Service Blueprint
  5. Management System Audit
  6. Trainings

Our commitment for clients’ success and also our own is based on set of core values.  Some of the core values are joyful effort, integrity and service.Those core values blend in our heart and mind to deliver professional services that enriched with experience and competencies in various type of organization.

Our teams consist of consultants with years of industry or functional expertise. Although our consultants develop deep knowledge in particular industries and functions, they remain generalists at heart, curious about all business issues and open to share their ideas and experience.


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