The service blueprint is a technique used for service innovation, but has also found applications in diagnosing problems with operational efficiency and can be used to conceptualise structural change (i.e. repositioning). The technique was first described by Lynn Shostack, a bank executive, in the Harvard Business Review in 1982. The blueprint shows processes within the company, divided into different components which are separated by lines.

The process of structuring a blueprint involves six steps:

  • The identification of the service process, that is supposed to be blueprinted
  • The identification of the customer segment or the customers that are supposed to experience the service
  • Picturing the service from the customer’s perspective
  • Picturing the actions of the contact employee (onstage and backstage), and/or technology actions
  • Linking the contact activities to the needed support functions
  • Adding the evidence of service for every customer action step

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To achieve desired level of service and behavior, company shall establish an excellent system. An excellent system should be maintained to survive in a competitive business. Our commitment for clients’ success and also our own is based on set of core values.  Some of the core values are joyful effort, integrity and service.

Those core values blend in our heart and mind to deliver professional services that enriched with experience and competencies in various type of organization.

Our teams consist of consultants with years of industry or functional expertise. Although our consultants develop deep knowledge in particular industries and functions, they remain generalists at heart, curious about all business issues and open to share their ideas and experience.

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