Focus Group Discussion is one of the most popular qualitative research methods. It is a good way to gather people in a small group to discuss a specific topic of interest guided by moderator according to prepared guidelines. The survey is carried out in several groups of 8 to 10 persons selected in accordance with the research aims. The optimal duration of a group discussion is 1,5 – 2 hours. The course of the discussion is usually planned in advance and the moderators will rely on a Guidelines to ensure that all topics of interest are covered.

The strength of FGD relies on allowing the participants to agree or disagree with each other so that we can get insights into how a group thinks about an issue, opinion, ideas, the inconsistencies and variation that exists in a particular community in terms of beliefs and their experiences / practices. It is also a good method as earlier stage prior to designing questionnaires.

Using our expertise in FGD, we analyze FGD results to get the insights. All of which will be presented in a clear presentation.


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